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Dyno-tab® products are manufactured by Chemplex Automotive Group Inc., based in La Habra, California. Chemplex was founded in 1992 and produced a line of conventional liquid additives for automotive service professionals. The flagship products included Valve & Injection Purge, Quill® Fuel System Cleaner and Supertech Diessel Treatment, all still popular today.

Chemplex developed an innovative ‘tablet technology’ fuel additive in 1998, and produced a series of private label products for the international market.

Chemplex developed an innovative ‘tablet technology’ fuel additive in 1998, and produced a series of private label products for the international market.The Dyno-tab® brand debuted in the Malaysia in 2000 with one SKU and today the product line has grown to over 30 items. The range includes various formulations of injector cleaner, fuel stabilizer, windshield cleaner, and radiator products, ideal for multiple markets and channels of distribution.

Dyno-tab® is available in the U.S. and internationally through independent distributors and websites.
Chemplex/Dyno-tab® is active in several Industry Associations including:
AAIA - Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association
OAC - Overseas Automotive Council
USCC - US Chamber of Commerce
NAM - National Association of Manufacturers

Since the first product introduction by Chemplex Automotive Group, Inc. in mid 1990, the Dyno-tab® fuel
additives have been used to improve and add value to millions of litres of petrol and diesel fuel worldwide.


Most Asian countries are using a lower grade of fuel, due to the immense cost it would take to upgrade their refineries so that they could add more additives and therefore manufacture higher grades of fuel. As a result, the consumer receives a lower quality fuel at the petrol pump. In Malaysia the diesel fuel does not comply with European standards because of its high sulphur content. The high-tech engines of today’s cars require high quality fuel to perform to their maximum potential. This is where Dyno-Tab® fuel tablets have revolutionised the fuel additive market, through its wide product range of fuel saving and performance enhancing tablets: Dyno-tab® Fuel Saver, Dyno-tab® Injector Cleaner, Dyno-tab® Octane Power Booster, Dyno-tab® Fuel Stabilizer and Dyno-tab® Diesel Treatment. Dyno-tab® uses only 100% active ingredients combining several different ingredients to give a total all round additive package to provide immediate and noticeable improved power, performance and fuel saving. The latest product development is the Dyno-tab® Windscreen Washer tablet, a 100% bio-degradable product. All the Dyno-tab® range of products are environmentally friendly, US EPA registered and comply with the highest emission laws in the USA, the Californian State laws.

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